Welcome to Lotties Blend Organic!

I started this journey through not being 100% happy with the candles ive bought in the past as not knowing exactly what was in them so decided to research natural waxes and nasty free fragrances which led me to making my own blend “Lotties Blend” with safe and natural ingredients.

Lotties Blend has plans to grow and expand bringing everyone a variety of natural products that you can trust and you know exactly what the ingredients are.

I hope you love everything i make and enjoy all things nasty free!

Much love

Lottie x

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About our products and where they come from

I spent such a long time finding a trusted company who were passionate about Organic and Natural products and finding one only 30 miles from me was amazing as they make all their products from scratch and using only raw ingredients which is what I wanted and not just some random company that you don’t know where the product originates from and then selling it as Organic is wrong on every level but hey some don’t care and will just sell you anything. So when you buy my products you know they are made from genuine raw/organic and handmade from scratch and they’re qualified in all aspects of skincare and natural beauty but not forgetting Organic ingredients is top priority where possible.

The Organic Bath Milks and Soaks were created by me and are CPSR tested and certified safe its the LAW. I make them all from scratch using Organic raw ingredients and the bespoke recipes took me months to perfect and this is when Lottie’s Blend evolved.

I myself carry qualifications in Beauty! –  Organic Skincare Business Diploma, Anti-ageing Diploma level 5, Advanced Diploma in Beauty and Therapy level 5, Foot Health Practitioner and Holistic Facial Diploma all at Distinction Level.

Gift Box Service

I now offer a Gift Box Service for any occasion whether a birthday, anniversary, thank you or thinking of you! All you have to do is select products you want to place in box to your basket, then click on gift box and colour organza ribbon you would like at checkout and I also place matching coloured shredded paper inside the box. Also there is a leave a message box at checkout too where you can write a personal message and I will place this on white card inside the gift box. If this is a gift for a male then I can do a triple tie instead of a bow.

All our products are Vegan friendly and cruelty free.

CLP Compliant & CPSR Certified