Welcome to our all things natural candle page!

Im passionate about essential oils being good for our pets mental health. As we all know some essential oils are NOT safe for pets to inhale, hence why i have a small selection available which are safe.

The wax i use is Eco Soy plant based and wicks are natural too. I find candles on the market from many big retailers who do not list the wax contents used, so it could contain paraffin wax which is a cheap and nasty toxic combination.

Candles that are just fragranced can contain synthetic ingredients which is not good to inhale for us or animals. This can upset a dog or cats internal system, as they are super sensitive to synthetic smells which have no benefits to them, only us thinking that it will relax humans.

So i wanted to bring this new range out to promote more awareness of what we are doing to our animals, when lighting any old candle from a shop unless it has a fully listed ingredients label of all things pure.

Why choose mine? simple, its pure and has soooo many benefits for animals brain health. Using my candles will bring calm and soothing vibes naturally. Your dogs and cats will thank you for it. It will make them feel mentally stable rather than groggy.

I have done lots of research into the effects safe essential oils have on our furry friends,  and learnt more than i ever imagined, a real eye opener if im honest. Puppies benefit from our range as they need lots of calming vibes at times to help them chill. Nervous dogs or cats will benefit too as the essential oils help to calm the nervous system when inhaled. Plus a calmer owner if youve had a stressful day or time that your going through.

Do feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding which blend would benefit yourself or furry friends. Plus i am qualified in dog behaviour hence why im knowledgable on all behaviour aspects. Essential oils can aid in their behaviour plan.