Lotties Blend Organic Bath Range

I have created this special range of bathing products to bring you Natural Organic ingredients which is vital for our skin the largest organ we have and therefore porous. Remembering that what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies and if not natural and organic it can cause numerous conditions and affect us internally in ways we never knew.

There are 3 ways chemicals absorb through the skin. Chemicals can go directly through the skin cells, around the skin cells, or through the hair follicles and sweat ducts. Once the chemical gets through  no matter the route it took  it has the opportunity to be absorbed into the blood.

Petroleum derivatives, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and dyes should be avoided. These are the ones to avoid Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium Luaroyl Sarcosinate, Potassium Cocoyl Glutamate, Sulfates, Parabens, and Phenoxyethanol.

This is why im so passionate about what I offer here at Lotties Blend, I care and want to educate everyone the importance of what we put on our skin. We take care of ourselves in other ways but we need to sit and think about our skin! So with this range ive put together which will ease any skin conditions you may have or to prevent skin irritations occurring plus avoiding any chemical nasties which are in many products on the market today.

I spent many days and hours creating my own Bath Soaks and Bath Milk recipes which are currently being assessed by a legal assessment team and when I get my CPSR reports back I will then have the go ahead to place on website. Its not a quick process as has to go through various departments to be signed off safe.

Do make sure when looking at websites that offer Organic products that it is genuine as so many people have set up websites and plonk products on it and the public buy away through trust. I advise you ask for data sheets and product safety report on any product you are wanting to buy and if they refuse walk away as legally they need to have this documentation. Of course ask me for anything!

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