Organic Hand Knitted Mitt


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Organic Hand Knitted Mitt consisting of 100% Organic Cotton and I have these in several colours to choose from. I knit these myself and are a perfect for using with soap as things get slippy without one. The mitt is good for washing the dogs coat and skin as lifts dirt and debri from the fur plus invigorates the skin without being harsh as 100% cotton made. They come packaged as a single mitt as some people may just want one to use rather than a pair, if you require a pair then add 2 to your order. These are made to wrist length with no elastic so giving you freedom of movement and comfort. The mitt is light when dry and heavy when wet as this gives a better clingy fit. Also our branded label resides inside the mitt.

Wash at 30 degrees and do NOT tumble dry.

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Navy Blue, Grey, Mustard, Purple, Green, Coral, Beige