Organic “SOS” Balm


When emergency skincare is needed this all natural “SOS” Balm helps to heal blisters, burns, small cuts, rashes, bites etc. Its so gentle the whole family can use, it is also ideal for calming chronic skin dry conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.

This Organic, all-purpose ‘SOS’ Balm contains powerfully healing Organic Calendula Extract, soothing Aloe Vera and healing, moisturising Shea butter (Organic & Fairtrade), which work together to re-hydrate the skin and calm down inflammations such as bites and stings, grazes, burns, swellings and nappy rash, bed sores, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis.

This balm helps alleviate dry skin, renew cracked or damaged skin as well as small wounds. Organic Calendula extract, from the Marigold flower is healing and antiseptic while the Organic, unrefined, vitamin-packed Shea butter is anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin-rich Organic Tamanu and Sea Buckthorn Oils give highly anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-bacterial properties and promote cell rejuvenation.

Tamanu Oil contains a unique fatty acid called Calophyllic acid, which is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and stimulates wound healing. It is ideal for treating psoriasis, acne and other skin irritations and infections.

Also with calming Chamomile essential oil, this balm is suitable for babies over 3 months old and adults alike. It is also a good choice for those with dry skin conditions to use on the face and body as a daily moisturiser as well as an all-purpose healing balm. It has excellent softening properties making the skin soft and supple.

Containing a small amount of Lavender essential oil, this balm has analgesic properties, which helps to reduce local pain on inflamed skin. Along with cooling Aloe Vera, this balm is useful for sunburn.

You can also use this SOS Balm as a daily facial moisturiser for highly sensitive and inflamed skin as it will not block pores.

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